Cleanups To Date

Opportunities to participate will be updated here on a regular basis.

Upcoming Cleanups

  • Every Monday Main Beach Cleanup in front of Board Walk at 8:00AM (join us!)

    "We really need the community to step up and help clean Main Beach, especially after Memorial Day. Today we found two dead sea birds, a dead sea otter pup along with what we regularly pick up, numerous cans, food packaging waste and cigarette butts."
    - citizen activist Donna Maurillo

Cleanups Accomplished

Cowell Beach Cleanup

April 30, 2023

Student Organizers Casey Christiansen from the Government and Community Relations’ Community Engagement Group along with the Theta Sorority worked together in support of National Volunteer Month.

20 USCS Students participated in this local cleanup, preventing nearly a 12 bags of litter and debris from entering the ocean. Way to go!

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